Aloha, Summer of Melon.

In 2016, at the ripe age of 21, I started a tradition sought to destroy my liver. Coming out of a difficult college final, I found myself walking home and wanting three things: rum, a pool, and Tame Impala. What soon followed this idea came Rum Summer.

Rum Summer was simple. My roommate and I decided that any alcoholic drink we had would have rum in it. It was fun, it was tropical, and it led to a lot of Sunday morning headaches.

Five years later and I’m happy to announce it has grown and evolved to its present state, now with Rules™! (There is no actual trademark on that, but it sounds better in my mind that way.)


🌴 Summer of Melon 🍈

Summer of Melon is open to all! The idea is simple: anything you drink, include a melon fruit in it. Best of all, it doesn't have to be alcoholic! It's just a fun way to try new things and expose yourself to werid flavors. But there are some important rules to discuss, first.

The Rules™

Rule One | The Points System — For the first time ever, I'm introducing a points system into this summer's theme. Much like Whose Line Is It Anyway, the points don't really matter. But if you're the competitive type, the points system allows you to keep track and compete with anyone else taking part in Summer of Melon.

Save this image to your phone if you're the seriously competitive type.

Rule Two | You can track your points — And you can do so here. Keep it as up-to-date as you want or be as lackadaisical as you want;  it is up to you. But it's a way for me to track how people are doing and a way for you to track your competition. Really, it's just a leaderboard.

Rule Three | No Pressure — Like I said before, drinks do not have to be alcoholic, and you don’t get any bonus points if it is. The points are based around melon flavor, not necessarily melon alcohol. You do not get bonus points for drinking alcohol. Though in the spirits of summer, alcohol is always welcomed.

Rule Four | The Season — Summer of Melon begins June 1 and ends August 31, so mark your calendars accordingly.

Get in the mood

Also new to this summer's theme is a corresponding playlist. It's handcrafted, catered to fit the weirdness and fruitfullness that can only be achieved by melon-based drinks. And it's available on the world's two largest streaming platforms.